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About me

My name is Briga Assaf.

I live and breathe photography each and every moment of my life.
I see photography as both a documentation method and an art, and I am passionate about bringing something creative, different and precise in every photo I take.
Every work day for me is a day of creation and self fulfillment. 

My photographs are known to be clean and uniquely styled. I emphasize on composition and special angles and I will do everything for the perfect picture.

I believe that in a photography session of a couple, the general atmosphere is just as important as professionalism. So, I'll do everything in my power in order to make you feel calm and stressless so that you can simply enjoy your time.
I consider myself one of your companions 
and you will probably find out at some point that I'm also not a bad dancer.

If you feel that I am what you’re looking for, contact me and I'll give you some tips for your big day.



for the

perfect picture"


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Tel: +972544620101


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